Category Escort
Age 29
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
City Perth
Area Armadale, Carlisle


Hi gents, I never thought that I would become a sex worker. I got into it because my girl-friend Audrey was doing itโ€ฆ and I discovered that I love it. Iโ€™m really well suited to this job. I can chat to just about anyone about just about anything. I love MMA and beards and tatts and jager-bombs are my drink of choice. INCALL RATES: - 30min - $150. - 1 hour - $250. - 2 hours - $500. LOCATION: I have one play space in Armadale Area (Seville Grove). Itโ€™s a luxury affair with a king size bed, full length mirrors, spa bath in the ensuite and a pool for parties in the summer. Iโ€™ll be here with Audrey Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 9am til 2pm PLUS weekends and school holidays are usually spent here. I also have a play space in Carlisle, it's much smaller but still has everything we need with the added benefit of being close to the CBD and easy to get to by public transport (5min walk from Oats St station) I am usually in Carlisle on weekday evenings from 5pm til 10pm but I can usually travel here with an hourโ€™s notice. AVAILABILITY: - Mon, Wed & Fri 9am til 2pm Iโ€™ll be in Seville Grove. - Weekdays 5pm til 10pm Iโ€™ll be in Carlisle. - PLUS every second weekend from 9am Friday through to 10am Sunday in Seville Grove. - AND avail freely daily 8am til 10pm for half of school holidays (dates avail a year in advance please just call and ask). - I DO NOT have gentlemen over when my kids are home, please do not ask as refusal may offend. Call me on the number below for more information or to make a booking. See you soon!! 0467483639 - Taylor Diamond


City Perth
Area Armadale, Carlisle


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