Investing in is probably one of the easiest names to remember when it comes to the adult industry. This is a rarity considering the brand, identity, target market and industry type are all combined together within the name itself.

Since launching in July 2018, has risen through the ranks of its competitors to become a respected brand within the Australian adult and escort industry.

Even though the website still has a long way to go, we continue to experience growth on a week by week basis - which proves we have a clear winning formula in regards to our employees, goals, market size, revenue model etc.

Our intention is to seek additional financing to further develop our platform and expand our operations deeper into the Australian market and beyond.

The possibilities are endless at this point.

2019 Industry Analysis

Startups in the escort industry disappear quicker than they appear. This is the sad reality of trying to fill a gap that doesn't exist within the oldest industry of the world. Throwing a bunch of money at something that involves sex doesn't mean you will immediately succeed - such miscalculated decisions can poorly reflect your business plan as it is too easy to get lost in the world of fornication. Furthermore, if you approach the escort industry with $$$ signs in your eyes; then you are approaching it with the wrong mindset and you will only fail in the short term.

The current escort advertising climate in Australia is very volatile in the sense that:

  • too many adult classifieds directories exist,
  • they have no true industry experience,
  • there are limited websites to trust/rely upon,
  • the quality of content on these sites is very low.

Additionally, the owners of these websites are using their services as a gateway to obtain free sexual services in exchange for free advertising on their site. As a male working in a female-dominated industry - this mindset is incompatible in regards to a long term suistainable business model. Pleasure and business dont mix. Especially in this industry.

This is a mistake I will not make. Ever.

Escort Industry Opinion

In Australia, the adult and escort industries are plagued by many challenges that have signalled a desperate need of change. I have identified, and continue to identify opportunities that present advantages for to potentially penetrate deeper into multiple business avenues and become a more successful startup. The objective is to help push new ideas into a highly stagnant industry that could potentially shift it into a new direction for all those involved.

Other startups typically fail because their founders lack the necessary experience and vision to obtain longevity through short-term business. It is very unfortunate to see the potential opportunities lost due to the lack of industry knowledge and understanding of adult workers.

Considering I work in this industry everyday - I know the hurdles that the agencies, brothels, massage shops and private escorts have to jump through just to get by and earn a living. It can be extremely daunting if you are not smart enough about how to deal with everything.

Watching my own clients succeed based on my personal knowledge is very rewarding.

Recipe for Success

When preparing the idea for in its conceptualisation stages - I decided to consider some basic fundamentals for myself that would be identified for this particular startup model to succeed. The following requirements were essential if my startup were to be pitched to seed investors:

  • Already established online presence,
  • Knowledgeable understanding of the escort industry,
  • True business objective to move forward (not escort related),
  • Definitive foresight into your target audiences,
  • Existing contacts within the industry,
  • First hand experience within the adult/escort sectors,
  • Understanding for the well-being of escort industry workers.

If your (potential) business fails in regards to the above simple fundamentals, then you haven't the slightest clue about what you are doing. Your business plan is essentially broken and you wont even be able to plan long term.

Using my business orientated background, my knowledge and passion for code; combined with my continuous first hand escort industry experience - I know what needs to be done to improve and drive as a successful startup and become a more respectable brand within the adult industry.

That is the intention at least.

Vision & Future

Since launching in July 2018 - our aggregated data has clearly proven that the adult industry is still ready for a much needed change. While our online presence has successfully been acknowledged by industry workers (and clients) - we still have a long way to go.

Admittedly, the entire process has definitely been a learning curve since posting the startup pitch idea online in January 2018. And while no startup business is without their share of obstacles; we have had the opportunity to identify a clear set of goals that need to be achieved for to further penetrate this stagnant industry.

A few proposed goals to the core platform include:

  • True integration of artificial intelligence,
  • Variable based content development,
  • Adaptable facial recognition software,
  • And a few more things that wont be publically mentioned here.

Unlike other escort websites, the motive behind is not actually within the sex business. Why do I say this? Because it is very important to separate the brand and maintain its integrity from the very industry it is involved in. My goal is simple: I want to empower the adult industry with a simpler, smarter, more personalised marketing service that can be facilitated in an effective streamlined manner compared to other options on the internet as of now.

The platform has already been built and a positive level of progress has been achieved thus far; so as a startup owner, the goal is to keep expanding our network of potential seed partners/investors so we can keep financing the development (and continued success) of our core-platform software.

Therefore, is issuing a public invitation for people to register for the Series-B financing round so we can continue the development of the platform in order to keep pushing the brand further into Australia, and into additional markets beyond.

Are you ready for an adult industry revolution?

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