Claim A Listing

Are you a private escort, brothel, massage and/or adult industry worker looking for information on how to claim a listing on No problem!

On this page you should find some helpful information guiding you along the process to claim a listing that could potentially belong to you.

NOTE: does not claim ownership for any of the content and/or images associated with any listing on the website. Click here if you are looking for instructions regarding a takedown request.

How to Claim a Listing

There are a few ways to claim ownership of a listing on this escort advertising website. Please follow any of the steps listed below.

1. Register an Account

Probably the easiest method.

1.1. Register an account using the EXACT NUMBER associated with the listing.

1.2. The listing will automatically be applied to your account (if you have registered using the EXACT NUMBER).

1.3 You can then edit, update or remove the listing once you have logged into your account.

2. Using the Exact Mobile #

Claim a listing if you have direct access to its mobile #.

2.1. Register and/or login to your account.

2.2. Locate the listing you would like to claim.

2.3. Click the green "Claim Listing" button in the Information section.

2.4. A new dialogue box called "Claim This Listing" will appear.

2.5. Enter the last 4 digits of the mobile # for that listing into the input box.

2.6. Click the green "Send Code" button.

2.7. Enter the 4 digit code that has been sent to that mobile # to verify you own listing.

2.8. The listing will be automatically applied to your account if done correctly.