Escort Advertising Website was created as a result of too much frustration from other escort advertising directories that were either too complicated, too expensive or were facilitating poor business practices. Combine all of these flaws together, and you have a recipe of disaster that started to affect our massage shop and brothel businesses.

Our goal as an online escort advertising website is to help benefit escorts (and their clients) in the way they advertise their private escort services online. Every line of code that has been written; every pixel that has been designed - tries to follow 3 simple rules without compromising in functionality or the user experience:

  • Simplicity,
  • Affordability, and
  • Transparency.

Below are some key unique selling points which we believe help to make Australia stand out from other escort classified websites.

Note: is a young adult industry startup that is actively under development.

Key Selling Points

1. Plug & Play.

We’ve spent countless hours on developing the most simplest and easiest to use escort advertising website in Australia! Regardless of your English level, all you need is access to a mobile phone to immediately start advertising your escort services without hassle - from anywhere in the country!

2. Pay As You Go.

Not every escort worker works 7 days a week. Which is why we have created an affordable pay-as-you-go upgrades model that aims to make advertising as flexible as possible for your working schedule. Only pay for what you need and not for what you don’t need.

3. 100% Free to Use.

Free to use, unlimited advertising with powerful features that help get your phone ringing whenever and wherever. We have more than 3,000 active individual escort, brothel and erotic massage adverts online already listed on our website - join for free and start enjoying the benefits of the best private adult advertising website today.

4. No Contracts.

This advertising directory was built with the intention to give power back to private escorts and escort advertisers. This means we have eliminated the need for lock-in contracts, hidden paywalls, long term advertising fees, monthly payments or costly memberships. We will never take advantage of you and your work!

5. Premium Power.

We offer high class advertising on a $10 budget. Register an account on and get your advertising to start looking like a $10,000 billboard. Simply add your information, upload a few photos... and we will magically take care of the rest :)

6. Content Proofing.

We want the best possible outcome for any individual that advertises on our private escorts & adult directory. We will proof read and offer to make improvements to your adverts that we think will help benefit your work.

7. Secure & Private.

Immediately advertise in privacy after you’ve signed up, as your data is kept secure using the latest encryption technologies with servers located in Sydney. Your secret as an escort advertiser is kept both private and secure. We will never sell your data to any third party agencies.

8. In the Cloud.

Access your data securely in the cloud on a truly scalable escort advertising service that literally works on any device in any location. We do our best to maintain the integrity of our infrastructure to ensure your data, and your secret - is kept secure in the cloud.

9. No Limits.

Are you a private independant escort, escort advertising agency, legal brothel or sensual massage shop with multiple girls/guys on your books? There are no restrictions and/or limits on the amount of free adverts that you can create on our escort advertising website. Just dont spam us please :)

11. Focus on You.

Private escorts, agencies, brothel and massage shop workers should focus on running their business and keeping their clients happy. As long as you have the basics of your escort services listed online - let, the best escort advertising website in Australia do the rest.