Category Escort
Age 40
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
City Perth
Area Perth


EASILY THE HOTTEST AUSSIE IN PERTH... A SERVICE OF PURE PERFECTION AND LUST !! The lights are low the music chilled. As I welcome you wrapped scantily in black lace and sin... I sit with my legs apart for you to see I wear no knickers. You can see the glimmer of a wet pussy and the glint of my wicked eyes... Itโ€™s tease tease tease from this sexy cougar... a true goddess of sexual favours... A real woman, willing and wanting. All just for you!! Your toy to play with for a bit... but then to ravage like a hungry man at a feast... passion overload... You are holding back the exploding lust inside your balls, heart bolting, pulse Throbbing. I smile and then with a wink that screams "go for it"... you do. Like an animal you pound and grind. I twist and arch, slip 'n sliding, harder and desperate, breathless chaos as your cock delves deeper stronger faster... And then you feel it approaching... you are no longer able to control... BAM !!! Eruption!! Explosion!! Ejaculation!! The endorphins flood your brain. Your toes curl as the shudder runs through your body, and you breathe out that sigh of the climax... the ultimate release of all the stress. Itโ€™s all gone now. You are back to you... revived and renewed... then we say goodbye. Maybe til another day, or maybe not. It doesn't matter cos itโ€™s all about the here and the now. Im here, and the time is now to make this a reality... donโ€™t you think?? TEXT ON FIRST CONTACT. Please state your: - Name, - When you want it and, - How long do you want it for xxx Thanks! 0474837983 Miss Marianna โ€œOCTOPUSSYโ€


City Perth
Area Perth


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