Escort Industry Professionals is built and actively managed by real escort industry professionals that have experience in dealing with the most assertive business situations involving escort advertising and brothel management.

As a startup business that specialises in the adult industry, we are one of the very few escort advertising services that truly understands what escort workers and brothel owners go through on a daily basis.

It should be no secret that the adult industry is one of the most challenging and frustrating places to work in, and we know that working for yourself or as a private or small business owner in the escort and adult industries can be extremely difficult.

Below are some basic and practical advertising tips that could potentially help boost the results of your escort advertisements. These tips apply to both private and brothel escort workers.

Best Escort Advertising Tips

1. Diversify Your Advertising

Don't put all your eggs into one basket. We recommend that private escorts, brothel owners and massage shops should diversify their escort advertisments by using multiple escort websites to maximise their reach and exposure to clients.

2. Keep it Simple

Keep your advertisments as simple as possible. Having too much information in your escort adverts means clients probably wont read it. Ensure you follow a simple but consistent advertising structure to help clients digest your services more easily.

3. Use Proper English

A little effort goes a long way. Take pride in your escort advertising by using correct grammar and punctuation when trying to sell your services. Clients will respect you even more. This rule also applies to native English speakers as well (because some of you are really bad at this).

4. No Fake Photos

You wouldnt put a Ferrari badge on a Suzuki Swift. So you should avoid doing the same with the photos in your escort advertisements. Clients are not that stupid and will eventually catch on - thereby hurting your business and ability to make money in the long term.

5. Hire a Receptionist

Customer service in the escort industry is king. Investing in a well educated receptionist that understands the adult industry lingo will help reduce your work load, increase bookings, boost productivity and hopefully bring more repeat clients.

6. Know Your Industry

The market wont adapt to you. This means escort workers need to strategise and adapt their services to the market. Make sure to do the necessary research so you can understand the monthly industry trends occurring in your city and adjust your work accordingly.

7. Preven Ad Saturdation

Prevent your advertisements from going stale. You can do this by updating your adverts with new descriptions or photos on a daily and/or weekly basis. Avoid recycling or using the same escort adverts every week. Strategise your marketing by spreading advertisements across multiple websites (see tip #1).

8. Unique Selling Proposition

Everybody is looking for the easiest way to make money. Try making yourself stand out by focusing on a unique selling point that will hook customers to book your services. Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction means you should get steady repeat bookings. Repeat bookings = easier money.

9. Watermark Your Photos

Photos will make or break your business. If you are using your own original photos - then it is highly recommended to apply watermarks to them. This will prevent your photos from being stolen by other greedy competitors that will use them on other escort advertising websites.