Category Massage
Age 18
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
City Melbourne
Area Melbourne


Hey guys, I'm Paris. A 18yo fun loving (bombshell)! I'm perfectly formed, all woman with lovely blue eyes and a a beautiful body. About me: I love to try new things, explore, go to gigs, parties, events, I'm starving for adventures. I enjoy traveling, learning languages and different cultures, good wine or beer, climbing, biking or dancing...crave an adrenaline rush. But what I REALLY enjoy doing most is meet new and interesting MEN!! I am super cheeky and love listening and talking about various topics, I am so easy going, you can basically speak to me about anything. What I am doing with life: I'm a university student doing nude massages in Melbourne to pay for my uni tuition. I want to help you to relax by using my very skilled hands to relieve all of your tension and built up stress. My goal is to royally pamper you, leaving you with a feeling that you are the king you deserve to be. *** As a kind reminder, I do NOT offer ORAL of any kind or full service. *** Massage Prices: - $150 - 30 minutes, - $200 - 45 minutes, - $250 - 60 minutes, - $390 - 90 minutes. I am always located in the central business district of Melbourne!! Melbourne CBD A booking with me: You should book me, f you're, fun, intelligent, driven, cultured, engaged and care about societal issues, generous, loves good food and have a cute accent. Ok you probably don't exist. So if you have any two of the listed qualities we will probably get along very well :) Just text me with the exact time you'd like to meet, the duration of the session and your name please. Eg. "Hello my name is Matt, I would like to book a session at 3:30pm for 45mins." I am always located in the central business district of Melbourne!! Melbourne CBD. Meet you soon, Sincerely, Paris xxxx Ph: ‭0421881226‬


City Melbourne
Area Melbourne


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