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Age 28
Gender Female
Ethnicity Asian
City Melbourne
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THE SACRED TOUCH OF TANTRA. Let me take you on a journey deep within your body where you will be taken to new heights of deep meditative bliss. Using a combination of tantric practices and slow, sensual, intimate touch, you will experience what it feels like to melt into sensual ecstasy. ABOUT ME: I am a 28 year old female with 10 years of experience of bodywork, massage and 3 years as a qualified tantra teacher, studying in India and with Eliyah Tantra School as well as having a number of personal mentors. MY SESSIONS: I have two types of sessions that you can choose from. SESSION 01: Sensual, devotional erotic massage with a taste of tantra. Experience a taste of what it feels like to indulge in the bliss of your own eroticism. During these sessions, you will experience a taste of some of the elements of tantra, woven into a sensual, erotic massage session. During these sessions, I prepare the space in a way that allows you to completely relax and drop into meditative bliss. I work with your body to heighten your senses and open your bodies receptivity to experiencing touch in a completely different way. These sessions include yoni/lingham massage, bringing you up into ecstatic orgasm. SESSION 01 RATES: - 30min - $150. - 45min - $200. - 60min - $250. ********************* SESSION 02: Discover the Bliss of Tantra. During these sessions I will teach you the core, fundamental practices of tantra, which are designed to help you enhance your life by improving your energy and vitality levels, your creativity and your capacity to live a life of greater pleasure, joy and love. SESSION 01 RATES: - 90 minute sessions are $350. - 2 hours for $500. Extras: - Prostate massage cost an extra $50. Please message me with your name, the session you are looking for and when you are wanting to have the session. Grace Rose - 0400027187


City Melbourne
Area Melbourne


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