Category Escort
Age 35
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
City Perth
Area City


Picture this, I want you. I want to taste you. My mouth, lips, tongue want you... In stiletto heels, topless, squatting before you. Picture my sexy hazel eyes staring straight back into yours. Watch me, While the tip of my tongue starts to tease your helmet, licking, admiring, spitting on it while I grasp your balls. You hold my wet hair firmly at the back of my head, keeping me still while you thrust your throbbing hard cock in my mouth. Deeper and deeper until your deep down my throat. Your legs start to tremble, breath getting heavier, moans start to escape you. You want to explode but don't want it to end... Conflicted. Your eyes meet mine again, and its no longer an option - Just in time you pull my head back and you... Erupt all over my chest. Iā€™m happy, Iā€™m real, Iā€™m what you need and more!! Iā€™m a 6" tall, sexy, slim, busty, horny Aussie redhead. Quickie Rates Rates: - 15min - $100 (Covered BJ), - 15min - $150 (Deepthroat COB). Incall Full Service Rates: - 30min - $200. - 1 hour - $300. - 2 hours - $500. Outcall Full Service Rates: - 30 min for $250. - 1 hour for $350. - 2 hours for $600. Extras Rates: - Deep throat (genuine no gag reflex!) + $50. - Greek + $100. Extended Booking: - 3 hrs for $750. - 6 hrs for $1200. - 10 hrs for $1750. Be quick - Keep in mind, I work for myself - so its just me replying to all of your messages - sometimes I may be busy, but will endeavour to respond as soon as possible! Thanks for checking me out :) Tara Foxxx - 0401108707


City Perth
Area City


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