Category Massage
Age 21
Gender Female
Ethnicity Mixed
City Perth
Area Willeton


You're going to love the amazing things these girls can do with massage oil. Who knew that something so simple has so many uses!? On roster today we have super cute, well proportioned Asian brunettes that know how to tease and please in exactly the right ways! The level of dedication to the craft of oil massage, in combination with a cheeky, intriguing smile, make these girls a must have experience that needs to be tried. There's definitely no substitute for the thrill offered by one of these stunners :) SERVICES: A range of services to suit every budget. Starting from $35. LOCATION: We work in Canningvale, WA 6155. AVAILABILITY: - 9.30am to 8.30pm. - Monday to Sunday. - 7 days a week. SCHEDULE: Monday: Alina, Mio, Ruby. Tuesday: Emily, Miko. Wednesday: Emma Miki. Thursday: Emily, Alina, Jasmine. Friday: Gwen, Ruby, Judy. Saturday: Emma, Iris. Sunday: Emma, Skyler. **Bookings are encouraged. CONTACT: 0422 776 276


City Perth
Area Willeton


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