Category Escort
Age 24
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
City Melbourne
Area City


Hey baby, Listen here, boys, I'm Indiana and I'm ready to rock your world. Anything you can imagine, I can do for you. Anything you desire, I have done it and absolutely nailed it. I wanna be your bad girl. The one you see strutting down Crown Promenade with the tight ass and flexing toned legs. I bet you're wondering when a girl like that is going to be in your room. Once in a lifetime right? Well you're wrong. Very wrong!! I'm here right now and trust me. I'll be back over for more. Any other girl who thinks they offer the full PSE pornstar experience has nothing on me. I'll dominate you, ride you, blow you, in short, I'll be everything you could ever want. This type of experience comes at a price, but you won't regret it for a moment. Party bookings and overnights very welcome. Outcall only. I have a day job though so please text for availability. A reminder I DO OUTCALLS ONLY. Please text message me and I will promptly reply :) 0437705113 - Indiana SWA 11166E


City Melbourne
Area City


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