Category Escort
Age 26
Gender Male
Ethnicity White
City Melbourne
Area City


Hi, I'm Parlo, your euro man who is keen to see you :) I'm of Croatian French background, 26, green eyes, dark hair, solid build, 180cm and a complete wog boy. I'm very loving, friendly, happy and offer a great boyfriend experience and love to care about each other and love my regulars and go out for dinner or movies and all that. I've made many regulars over the years who I keep close to my heart. I started escorting at age 18 and invest all my money into real estate so I am a professional, I don't do drugs and risk STD's on anyone. Any size, race, age or anyone else, feel comfortable to see me, I dont judge anyone. I'm very straight acting and discreet. For your convenience, I can plan any bookings very well in my calendar. Please message/call me anytime. I'm free 24/7. 0421450869 * Whats app also available. Hope to see you soon! Parlo


City Melbourne
Area City


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