Category Escort
Age 39
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
City Sydney
Area Sydney


I am Artemisia de Vine. I am well known for my exquisite erotic massages as well as my expertise in guiding people into the delights of prostate and anal pleasure, not to mention pegging. My style is appreciated by nervous newbies and seasoned players alike. Is it erotic companionship you seek? Or perhaps a chance to spend time with someone experienced, warm, welcoming and willing to explore your sexual potential? Whether sensual or kinky, there are many opportunities. Perhaps you'd like someone with which to explore your taboo fantasies? Do you yearn for a deeply sensual GFE or crave to be ravished by a dominant girlfriend? Do you yearn for a skilled erotic massage that brings you to the edge, again and again... or a guides you into exploring the possibilities of your prostate/anal pleasure? Do you fantasise Cougar/MILF experiences? Play dates with me are suited to those who appreciate voluptuous curves, confident maturity, sense there is something more and would like an experienced play partner to discover themselves with. Whether sensual, intimate, passionate or perverted, I like to take the lead… though under the right circumstances, I can enjoy being thoroughly pleasured in return… I believe the most satisfying sex is not about how many orgasms we have but about the places we go inside ourselves and with each other. Orgasms are a side effect of opening to our authentic erotic being-ness. Standard Package: - Gorgeous full body rub using deeply sensual lomi lomi style massage techniques leading to hand relief. One-way touch only. - $150 - 30 mins, - $200 - 45 mins, - $250 - 1 hour, - $500 - 2 hours. When: Monday to Sunday 10am to late. Call rather than text as we need to get a feel for each other. 0488278839 - Artemisia de Vine Twitter: Website:


City Sydney
Area Sydney


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