Category Fetish
Age 23
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
City Perth
Area City


Hi gents, I’m Lady Violet Dèvine. Seductive, articulate, effervescent with a warmth to make you feel right at home. Don’t get fooled by my blue eyes though - I’m definitely a no bullshit woman, and sadomasochistic at heart. I am incredibly welcoming and offer a safe place free of judgement for you to come and explore yourself. Everyone’s kinks, fetishes and fantasies are completely different and deserve to be experienced in their own way. Domme/Top: Let’s get two thing clear - first; ‘your sexual gratification is the pinnacle of personal interest, not servitude’ - there is ZERO full service line blurring and secondly nothing is obligatory, only earned. Respect, devotion, servitude and gratitude are what I seek in a submissive. I’m here to get you to your highest level, wherever that may be. If you want to be better, always strive to be better and to also work with not only myself, but yourself too, then I’m your domme. You will safely and healthily be pushed to your maximum potential in all aspects of yourself - whether it’s a once off visit or a long term serve. Submissive/Bottom: Sessions are hard to obtain - I will only see people who have the right intentions and head space * I am a natural switch and I have worked with masters of all experience levels, I am also happy to teach as much as I am happy to learn. Domination Hour: - 15 minutes - $100, - 30 minutes - $200, - 1 hour - $300, - 2 hours - $600, - 3 hours - $900, - Overnight - $2500. Submission Hour: - 15 minutes - $350, - 30 minutes - $600, - 1 hour - $800, - 2 hours - $1300, - 3 hours - $1800, - Overnight - $5000. Fetishes: Please contact for pricing. I am in training so I will not do anything I have not been trained to do, alternatively I do offer discounted rates for you to be used in training sessions. PLEASE NOTE - NO NATURAL SERVICES OFFERED. Have any questions? How about a chat? Lady Violet Dèvine 0426133630


City Perth
Area City


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