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Hi guys, There are certain things that you need to follow before or at the time of service as these guidelines are only for your benefit. Do's..... - Try to be formal and polite at the start of a meeting and engage in a friendly conversation. Any woman probably appreciates knowing more about you rather than a stranger. - Try to be discreet, there is no need to publicly discuss the matter as most of the escorts like to handle things differently. - Try not to use the escorts working name at the buzzer, do not ever use it in public. - Make sure you know her boundaries and respect them. She is there to take care of you, let her do what she fits. - Try not to ask anything or any other service she has never advertised providing, you might end up offending her. - Make sure to take a shower, trim your fingers, toenails and shave as you see fit. - Make sure the payment is ready before the arrival of escorts and is placed separately from the rest of your money in an open envelope. Dont's..... - Try not to drink too much alcohol as it is surely a turn-off. - Try not try anything that falls under the unsafe category of sex. - Try not to do any cheap tricks when it comes to money, the rates are final. - Try not to play for over-time if you canโ€™t pay for overtime. - Try not to discuss the escortโ€™s personal life or details unless she initiates it. Payment for your escort: We prefer our clients to pay in advance at the time of booking or at the start of the appointment. All kinds of payment are accepted, but we prefer cash. Different electronic payments are available under a general consultancy name. Methods of payment are: - Cash. - Debit Card. - Credit Card. Contact Butterfly Babes now!! 0418752702


City Melbourne
Area Melbourne


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