Category Escort
Age 41
Gender Male
Ethnicity White
City Melbourne
Area Melbourne


Hello. My name is Dragon Night. I am a male escort and entertainer based in Melbourne and available Australia wide. When it comes to being a Male Escort, I understand that quite often the actual sex is a minor part of the service many people are actually after. Sometimes people are more after touch, sometimes stimulating conversation and sometimes about being heard and really listened to. Sometimes, all these things are more important than the sex in a sexual service, which is why I tailor my service for every individual by reading what you are really after from a Male Escort. I think forging a connection is important so that I you can trust me enough to tell me what you need to fulfil your needs. To be able to hold a decent conversation, one needs to be intelligent. I am just as classically intelligent as I am emotionally intelligent. This means that while my vocabulary and broad knowledge allows conversation to flow and delve into many deeper areas I am also able to read what you enjoy from your face and the way you speak. I notice how you communicate non-verbally as well as what you say, allowing me to better tailor to your every need and keep our interactions flowing in a very natural manner. While I feel intelligence in several levels is a cornerstone on which a good experience is built, I know that pleasing aesthetics are also needed. As an adult entertainer and model, I will have that "night off" every now and then but I do like to keep in the best shape possible. I look after myself from the long, glossy black hair and broad shoulders to slim, athletic build and well toned legs. To top things off I always dressed to stand out from the crowd in an alternative way but can look incredibly professional in a suit any day. Incall Rates: - 1 hour - $400 - 2 hours - $800 My Instagram Profile: Call/text me for information. 0421111526 Thank you. Dragon Night SWA7964XE


City Melbourne
Area Melbourne


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